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PVC Profile Seal Co-Extrusion Machine

PVC Profile Seal Co-Extrusion Machine
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The PVC profile seal co-extrusion machine is applied to the extrusion of profile seals. The extruding speed of the profile seals can be adjusted to be the same as the extrusion speed of the profiles. The machine can also be used for extruding the insulating layer (surface layer) of electric wires.

Features of the PVC Profile Seal Co-Extrusion Machine
1. Equipped with a name brand electric system, the PVC profile seal co-extrusion machine runs well and extrudes stably.
2. The angle and height of extrusion are adjustable. The co-extrusion machine offers adjustable speed and uniform extrusion.
3. The electric motor and blower used for the co-extrusion machine are of domestic, well-known brands.

Parameters of the PVC Profile Seal Co-Extrusion Machine

Product Name Screw Diameter (mm) Production Capacity (kg/h) Co-extrusion Type Total Power (kw )
PVC profile seal co-extrusion machine Ø30- Ø 35 3-8 Pre-coextrusion 2.2

Senjie is a China PVC profile seal co-extrusion machine manufacturer and supplier. Our company provides a plastic powder feeder, PVC granulation extrusion machine, PVC board extrusion machine, twin screw plastic extruder, PVC wood-plastic foaming board extrusion machine, and much more.

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